Baconator Gift Crate
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Do you have a bacon lover in your life? Real bacon jerky made from thick slab bacon, Snackle Mouth bacon maple clusters, BLT dip to eat with the Maple bacon kettle chips and more....You won't believe how much bacon is jam packed into this all wood pine crate with lid and rope handles. A truly one of a kind gift! 

The Baconator Gift Crate includes:

  • Bacon Ranch popcorn,
  • Maple bacon kettle chips,
  • Nathan's bacon & cheddar crunchy crinkle fry snacks,
  • Snackle Mouth bacon maple clusters,
  • Bacon & Onion cheese spread,
  • BLT dip,
  • bacon rub for adding flavor to all your meats,
  • Oberto smoked bacon jerky,
  • Trails Best maple bacon jerky,
  • TGI Fridays bacon potato skins,
  • salt & pepper pork rinds 
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Baconator Gift Crate

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