Dog Treats Gift
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Our Dog Treats dog gift is sure to get those tails wagging as inside this gift it is filled with BISCUITS! Big ones, little one and even one that is decorated! Have fun deciding a gifting opportunity to send this dog gift. It’s perfect for get wells, happy birthday, play dates, appreciation or even a great gift to send your favorite veterinarian or their office! This Gift Includes:

  • Bisket Baskets Tail Waggers Beef & Cheese Biskets 6 oz.
  • Grandma Lucy’s Treats 10 oz.
  • Hand Iced Gourmet Biscuit in Various Shapes
  • Fun Paw Print Box Container
  • Gift Size 7 x 4" x 12"


  • Item #: BB-13-A106

Dog Treats Gift

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