Forever Love Romantic Gift Pail
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The Sexy Rendez Vous Game is a romantic game for two. Flirt, kiss, massage, and enjoy frisky foreplay as you and your partner move around the board. Earn Sexy Rendez vous cards as you go. Each card contains a steamy encounter that is also creative, adventurous or absolutely fun. The winner gets to select the Sexy Rendez vous to act out. All the tools you'll need to complete the evenings adventures are included.


  • Silver pail with handle and lid,
  • Black satin eye mask,
  • Velvet storage bag,
  • 100 red rose petals,
  • 2 oz chocolate body paint,
  • 2 oz warming cherry massage oil,
  • 2 piece tealite candle set,
  • feather tickler,
  • feather boa,
  • Sexy Rendevous Game for couples,
  • Lindt chocolate truffle
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Forever Love Romantic Gift Pail

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