Gourmet Desk Caddy
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For the desk at work or the desk at home, every man will be proud to display this desk caddy long after the goodies inside have been devoured.  Sweet and savory snacks will ease the tension of the work day while the solid wood chest graces the office décor.  Make sure the gift you select for the man behind the desk remains in pride of place with this gourmet desk caddy gift basket.

10x5x6 Wood Chest
Dolcetto Cream Filled pastry cookies 4.4 oz
2 oz sliced summer sausage
Gourmet Coffee
Alomnd Roca toffee 2 oz bag
Three pepper crackers
Port Salute Cheese
chocolate fudge popcorn bag 2 oz
Chamberry Raspberry Truffles

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Gourmet Desk Caddy

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