Jubilation Spring Gift Basket
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This vibrant and cheerful gift basket is perfect for almost any occasion. Give it to someone as a gift of appreciation or love. It's so beautifully decorated and full of so much good stuff that the response will be a resounding wow!

It offers "Jubilation!" gourmet savory snack mix in a festive floral pouch, assorted Chocolate Coffee Spoons, Shortbread Cookies, Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk Biscotti, Meyer Lemon Cookies, Key Lime Almond Cookies, Chocolate Smothered Graham Crackers, one large pouch of French Vanilla Coffee a large pouch of Breakfast Blend Coffee, Sesame Water Crackers, Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese, Wisconsin Swiss Cheese, White Frosted Pretzels, Praline Pecans, and two polka-dot keepsake pinwheels! This gift basket is trimmed with lots of colorful flowers and a designer bow!

Available in Orange, Yellow or Purple baskets

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Jubilation Spring Gift Basket

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