Simply Delicious Fruit Gift
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This gift box combines fresh, healthy fruits, premium Wisconsin cheese and the best bakery fresh cookies! A simply delicious combination that anyone will love.

  • Includes:
  • Kiwifruit: With its sweet taste and unique melon-like texture, kiwifruit are revered the world over for their excellent nutritional properties. Includes four.
  • -Black Plums: Firm and juicy, sweet and tart, plums are a healthy snack-on-the-go. Served with ice cream, plums become an elegant dessert. Includes three.
  • -Mango: Sweet, soft and fleshy, this tropical fruit is delicious on its own and exquisite when added to cereal for an unforgettable breakfast treat.
  • -Oatmeal Raisin Cookie 1 oz ea: Perfected through years of fine tuning, this wholesome cookie is made of real rolled oats and sweet, supple raisins. Three Included.
  • -White Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie 1 oz: This delicious cookie combines the creamy, sweet taste of Guittard White Chocolate with bits of real hazelnut.
  • -Snickerdoodle Cookie 1 oz: Specially baked to be extra chewy, a sugar cookie is dusted with cinnamon to create a simple yet simply divine confection.
  • -Toffee Peanuts 2 oz: A longtime favorite, plump peanuts are covered in a light butter confection for a crunchy, salty, sweet treat.
  • -Aaron Bell Almonds 1.5 oz: Almonds are roasted to perfection and delicately seasoned.
  • Items are individually wrapped and securely packaged in an attractive fruit box
  • Measures 15" x 11" x 4" and weighs approximately 4.5 pounds.

If any substitutions are necessary, they will be made with items of equal or greater value.

Because of the perishable nature of this gift, ground shipping is not available. Please choose 2 day or overnight shipping.

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Simply Delicious Fruit Gift

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