Spa Retreat
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Most women just need some down time. Send her on a luxurious spa retreat to melt away stress, refresh and renew. Our exclusive design features floral scented body lotion, shower gel, bath tea, body butter, body mist, soaps, and a scented sachet. We’ve also included a soothing aromatherapy candle and Madison’s mouthwatering pecan crunch. All comes artfully arranged in a large reusable wash pail that complements the décor and keeps everything at hand. Guaranteed to soothe and invigorate from head to toe.

Retreat Essentials:  

Hydrangea Body Lotion 6 oz
Hydrangea Shower Gel 12 oz
Hydrangea Bath Tea .5 oz
Hydrangea Body Butter 4 oz
Hydrangea Body Mist 9 oz
Hydrangea Hand Soap 13 oz
Hydrangea Scented Sachet .5 oz
HandCrafted All Natural Shea Butter Soap

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Spa Retreat

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