Ultimate Relaxation Bath & Body Gift
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The Ultimate Spa gift basket gifts your lady with everything she needs for a luxurious bath and spa treat!  This white wicker bath tray is filled with raspberry scented treats to spoil her from head to toe.  She'll enjoy her candle lit bath and spend these heavenly moments thinking of the special someone who sent her the Ultimate Spa gift basket.

Wooden Back Massager
Wooden Bath & Pedicure Brush
Wood Pedicure Groomer
Cooling Foot Wash
Soothing Peppermint Foot Lotion
Gel Hot or Cold  Eye Mask
Terry Cloth Bath Slippers
Terry Cloth Bath Pillow
Bath Loofah
2 - 3" Pillar Candles
8 oz. Raspberry Vanilla  Moisturizing Bath Gel
8 oz. Raspberry Vanilla Moisturizing Foaming Bubble Bath
8 oz. Raspberry Vanilla Moisturizing Body Lotion
Terry Cloth Bath & Shower Make-Up/Head Band
White Wicker Bath Tray 12"x7"x7"

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Ultimate Relaxation Bath & Body Gift

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